Xlerator ADA Compliant Recess Kit - National Washroom Supply
Xlerator ADA Compliant Recess Kit - National Washroom Supply
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Xlerator ADA Compliant Recess Kit

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ADA Compliant Recess Kit makes XLERATOR meet the ADA protrusion requirement of four inches. Also helps keep water off the walls and floor. 


Qty: sold individually

Size: 16 3/8” wide x 26” high x 3 3/8” deep


  • 11 lbs/ 4.99 kg

INSTALLATION: When installed, bottom of hand dryer will be  10" (254 mm) above bottom of rough wall opening. Therefore, bottom of rough wall opening should be 10" (254 mm) below suggested mounted height for hand dryer. 


1. Cut and frame rough wall opening - 14.5" W x 24 3/8" H

2. Swing down hinged dryer mounting plate from Wall Box by removing 2 button head bolts (SAVE). Install Wall Box with the flange on finished wall (use 4-SS screws supplied). Bring electrical service and ground wire to one of 2 available locations.

3. For best fit, use a 90-degree fitting to connect the electrical service to one of the two available locations on the dryer mounting plate.

4. Re-fasten dryer mounting plate to Wall Box using the 2 button head tamper proof bolts previously removed.

5. Knock out the appropriate electrical inlet on dryer wall plate and install dryer insides onto dryer mounting plate using all 6 mounting nuts supplied.

6. Connect electrical service to Terminal Block of hand dryer. Properly ground the dryer via the supplied ground screw.

7. Remove 2 button head bolts holding dryer mounting plate to Wall Box and tilt downwards, being careful that safety chain is connected.

8. Install dryer cover with 2 flat head tamper proof bolts using special wrench provided.

9. Return dryer to upright position and refasten to Wall Box using the 2 button head tamper proof bolts. Remove protective film from Wall Box. Turn on power and test for proper operation.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS Clean the installed Recess Kit with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Mild dish soap mixed with water in a spray bottle works best. DO NOT USE any cleaner that contains any ammonia or abrasive cleansers to clean the surface.

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