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1125 Baby Changing Station

1125 Baby Changing Station

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Site Location: Frost Child Changing Station with its four-inch depth can be installed in any location.

Features: Four-inch depth complies with A.D.A. and ANSI A117.1 Handicapped accessibility.  Over sized hinge and safety stop system.  Safe and convenient sturdy child protection strap.  Multilingual instructions, integral diaper bag hooks, easy opening and closing.  Deep concave changing surface.  Tamper proof hardware.  Fully sealed polyethylene components allow easy cleaning.  Smooth exposed surfaces and concealed pneumatic gas spring mechanism.  Built-in Liner dispenser accepts standard multi-fold towels.

Materials: The baby change table is Constructed of 100% High-density polyethylene.  No metal components to wear.

Capacity: Static load capacity: 250 pounds (115 kg.)

Weight: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg.)

Dimensions: 20.375″D x 35.875″W x 22.25″H

Installation: Mounting hole location template (and mounting hardware) included with each unit.

Maintenance: Normal preventative maintenance and cleaning will keep Frost products functioning properly and may extend normal product life. Products should be wiped down with a damp soft cloth periodically. Approved stainless steel cleaner may be used to clean scuffs or fingerprints on stainless surfaces. Do not use harsh detergents or chemical cleaners.

Safety Warning: The baby changing station must be installed by qualified trades persons. Installers must consult and comply with local building codes. Mounting hardware and other systems to be determined by contractor and installer pending specific structure, design, and conditions. All installations must be fully inspected and approved by property owners and maintenance personnel prior to product being put into use. Failure to comply to proper installation procedure will void warranty and may result in malfunctioning or injury.

Shipping Size: 4.25″D x 36″W x 23″H
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg.)


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