719 – RECESSED LIQUID SOAP DISPENSER - National Washroom Supply
719 – RECESSED LIQUID SOAP DISPENSER - National Washroom Supply
719 – RECESSED LIQUID SOAP DISPENSER - National Washroom Supply
719 – RECESSED LIQUID SOAP DISPENSER - National Washroom Supply


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Site Location: The recessed mounted unit is ideal for locations requiring stainless steel products with a clean minimal look.

Features: The door is manufactured from 22 gauge stainless steel, #4 brushed finish. It has a full length stainless steel piano hinge and keyed tumbler lock. The leak proof viewing window allows maintenance staff to quickly see soap levels. The body is manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The soap tank is formed from tough leak proof polycarbonate.

Materials: 22 gauge stainless steel door, with #4 brushed finish. Recessed body is galvanized steel.

Capacity: 1 litre, 35 US oz. capacity.

Soap Type: Dispenses liquid soap at 10-20% solution, as well as more viscous synthetic detergents, lotions, and antiseptic soaps. The dispenser is non-proprietary and is bulk filled allowing end users flexibility in their commodity sourcing. Avoid filling with thick liquids or using abrasive cleaners. Do not overfill.

Weight:  4 lbs. (1.8 kg.)

Dimensions: 4.25″D x 9.5″W x 5.5″H

Shipping Size: 10.5″D x 6.5″W x 7″H

Shipping Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2 kg.)

Installation: Provide a rough opening of: 9-1/4″W (24.1) x 5″ (12.7)H x 4″ (10.2)D.

Maintenance: To maintain the performance and appearance you must perform periodic cleaning. Clean the inside with warm water only, never use solvents or aggressive cleaners such as bleach. To clean the outside please use a soft cloth with warm water or approved stainless steel cleaner. Brown deposits may appear around the lid or pump. This substance is not rust. To avoid it please switch to a milder liquid soap with a neutral PH. These marks can be cleaned by using a soft brush with soapy water, or if the deposits have hardened, they may be scratched off gently with a fingernail or blunt edge. If the pump is left idle for long periods of time the pump may become clogged. If so, pour warm water into the dispenser and gently pump it to clear the blockage. Never insert a sharp object (e.g. pin) into the nozzle, which could damage the unit and void any warranty.

Warranty: Frost Products Ltd warrants that if any Frost product or Frost product part proves to be defective within 12 months from the date of shipment from the factory it will be repaired or replaced without any charge when authorized. Frost warranty does not cover damaged product due to neglect or mishandling. Frost warranty does not cover installation or removal costs.

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